How to Reduce Time to First Byte and Load Your Site FasterAuto Draft

What is TTFB?

TTFB refers to the amount of time it takes a browser to create a connection to the server and start downloading the contents of a web page.

Google defines TTFB as a period of “waiting”

To put it simply, TTFB is the amount of time from the moment you navigate to a web page to the moment it starts rendering.


When it comes to WordPress sites, there are several different factors that can affect TTFB:

Network latency
High web traffic
Server configuration and performance
Dynamic content
DNS response time

There isn’t much you can do to solve high web traffic or network issues. But there are ways you can address server configuration, dynamic content, and DNS response times, which we’ll explore below.

How to improve TTFB?

1. Use a Fast Web Host

2. Keep site, Plugins and Themes Updated

3. Reduce Queries

4. Use Caching

5. Use a CDN

6. Use a Premium DNS Service

There are loads of other advanced techniques you could implement on your site to improve your TTFB, such as Disk IO, TLS overhead, reducing autoloaded data, and more.

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